Who Are You In 2022?

Seriously! Do you know?
The foundation to your journey begins with you.

When others recognize you for who you are, and
it aligns with who you believe yourself to be.

December 20, 2021 9:39 pm

Author: Nagui Bihelek

It's your addiction.

That's right. Your addiction to life itself has defined who you are to date.
Is this who you want to continue to be?
If social interaction was removed forever could you strive and survive?
Does the brain need this external validation from others?
What if there is no validation? No feedback loop? Can you still stay motivated?

As much as you need to know what you want from life, what you want more of and what you want less of, if you remove others from that equation, can it exist? Who you become isn't just for you.

Let's take coaching for example: If you are passionate about coaching and feel that this is “your calling”, your life ambition, can you be a coach if there is no one to coach? Of course not.

So what makes anyone want to be a coach? Is it the satisfaction they get from others getting what they dreamed of? Is that the addiction to coaching? Seeing other people's faces light up when they realize they've been helped them get what they want?

If that was taken away, would anyone want to be a coach?

The biggest thing I've learned from the COVID pandemic is that social engagement is important. It is vital to us all. There is no “Reason D'etre”, French for “Reason For Being”. If social engagement were to be taken away, we would lose our purpose and our Why.

Who are you in 2022 or at any time in your future? It is not about your WHY. It's about who you are to others. What you mean to them. And, what that does for you.

What are you doing to affect others? What feedback do you get from them?
Don't forget, this is what makes you feel good about yourself.
This is the dopamine for your brain.

When you inspire them! When you make their lives better!
You don't just do it for them. You do it for yourself too!

It's not enough to think it. You need to do it.
Your actions are your observable behaviors; Not your thoughts.
Be Intelligent about how you Behave.

This is Behavior Intelligence.

Will you be

  • A Better Parent? Father? Mother? Son? Daughter?
  • A Better Leader? Inspiring your team?
  • A Better Friend? Listener? Supporter?
  • More Caring? Giving?
  • More Grateful? Forgiving?
  • Creative? Innovative? Thought leader?

Who will you be? Share your thoughts and comments below.

When we become intelligent about our behaviors we begin to question how we think. What thoughts led to this behavior. This process of questioning ourselves is often referred to as self-talk, but more importantly it is our Meta-conversation. Our ability to think about what we do, and to think about how we think.

This starts the journey for change. When you find that a behavior is not serving you well, and you begin to question that behavior and the thinking which created the behavior, maybe even the lack of thinking, you are on the journey of permanent change. A change that's born through self-discovery. Curiosity about what we do and the reason we do them is what separates us from the animal kingdom.

In fact that's the whole purpose of this blog. If it made you think about the impact others have on your well being then it started a process which stemmed from curiosity. What is this blog about and how can I benefit from that? Which By-The-Way leads me to ask you to leave us a comment so we too can feel rewarded by your growth and learning.

Happy Holidays and a safe and prosperous New Year.

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